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A Campaign to Share the Co-op Story

Do you know the benefits of doing business with your local and regional cotton co-ops?

With the new joint effort between Plains Cotton Cooperative Association, Farmers Cooperative Compress, PYCO Industries, Inc., and Producers Cooperative Oil Mill, all farmers have the opportunity to learn. The regionals are coming together to further promote the cooperative structure. This campaign is an effort of the regional cotton co-ops to help raise awareness for their respective businesses. The co-op system is there to add value throughout each level of the cotton supply chain.

When you join your local and regional co-ops you are opting in to receive all the benefits that come with real ownership. These benefits include keeping money local as well as reducing the risks associated with your farming operation. Grower-owned co-ops strive to make money for you, not from you.

True co-ops operate under seven principles, one of which is cooperation among cooperatives. This campaign is a testament of this principle. When all the regional co-ops work together, the grower-owner benefits. It provides them with more long-term profitability when the profits of the organizations are returned to the grower-owners at the end of the year.

Enhancing profits through real ownership.

Reduced Risks.

Strategic and innovative marketing strategies minimize the risk associated with production cotton farming. Regional neighbors help ensure long-term success by cooperating instead of competing.

More Total Value.

Co-ops get cotton from the field to the market, creating additional value every step of the way. These benefits stay in your communities. Co-ops make money for you, so you can protect your investment.

Better Control.

Farming gets more expensive every year, and it’s time to get your voice back. As an owner of your local and regional co-ops you control how your crop is marketed, stored and processed.

Peace of Mind.

Transparency ensures you stay in the know when it comes to your business finances. Open books policies mean your local and regional co-ops offer solvency you can see.