PCCA is Invested in Your Future

PCCA offers a variety of value-added marketing choices designed to extract every ounce of value from each bale. Each marketing plan pays dividends as we utilize our true cooperative structure to benefit you now and create long term benefits for you and your family.

An important and valuable link between PCCA and its grower-owners is the cooperative gins throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. At these gins, our grower-owners can sign and execute all documents related to the marketing of their cotton. Also, the cooperative gins convey key information from PCCA to our grower-owners, and our grower-owners can communicate with PCCA via the gins. This mutually beneficial relationship provides vital services and support on behalf of PCCA, the gins, and our grower-owners.

No matter how you choose to market your cotton, PCCA is here to help.

  • Acreage based contract returning at or above the season average price
  • Every bale or every-other-bale option available
  • Employ a proven marketing team with a record of success using long-term strategy
  • Minimize risk to market fluctuations as sales are spread over the marketing season
  • Focus on your farming operation
  • Benefit from a global sales network
  • Progress payments are paid in a timely manner
  • Payment deferral option available
  • Take advantage of rising markets prior to harvest
  • Grower-owners can place good-till-cancelled (GTC) orders at a market level that meets their needs
  • Eligible LDP payments is processed automatically
  • Payment deferral options available
  • Provides access to global buyers and textile mills through The Seam trading platform
  • Take advantage of prices spikes by having cotton continuously offered
  • Loan advance and equity trading option for our grower-owners
  • Eligible LDP payment is processed automatically
  • Payment deferral option available
  • Sales staff may provide a grower-owner or gin a price on a specific lot through the Member Access app, PCCA staff, and Gin Services program
  • Convenience of being able to receive and accept bids directly from PCCA
  • Eligible LDP payment is processed automatically
  • Payment deferral option available

PCCA’s Member Access system allows better grower-owner support from handshake to handheld. This system is available on your computer or mobile app. Grower-owners can view important information regarding their farming operations, including:

  • Gin Account Information
  • Cotton Invoice Statements
  • PCCA Check Register
  • PCCA Patronage Information
  • Document Signing
  • Sign Up to Receive SMS (Text Message) Alerts
  • ACH Direct Deposit and Contact Information

Sign up to receive cotton market updates by text with PCCA’s new marketing text alert service. The information you will receive includes market highlights featuring USDA reports, economic news and other market-related information. You can sign up to receive text alerts through the Member Access portal online.

Supply chain performance is a key value driver for our grower-owners’ cotton. Our warehouses carefully store, sort and ship this cotton. Maintaining efficiency while performing at industry standards provides additional value to our grower-owners.