PCCA provides the tools and resources cooperative gins need to maximize efficiency in the office and in the gin plant. From scale ticketing software to additional support and training workshops, current and prospective co-op gin customers will always have quality support, education, and services at hand.

Scale Ticket Software

Scale tickets track module numbers and weights, bale information, USDA class, and warehouse data. Recording the correct information is essential as the scale ticket information remains with a bale of cotton while it makes its way through the marketing pipeline. Therefore, the highly effective TELCOT® Scale Ticket Software offered by PCCA is a valuable program for today’s cooperative cotton gin.

Module Tracking

PCCA‘s module tracking system facilitates gin module inventory and module processes from the field to the finished bale. This system utilizes smart phone apps and web-based programs that integrate with existing gin scale and module truck scale systems to allow management of the gin module inventory.

Gin Accounting

PCCA offers its gin customers a state-of-the-art, full-service accounting program able to process all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory control and financial reporting needs.

Gin Patronage

PCCA’s Gin Patronage system streamlines the process of allocating the year-end profits of cooperatives. Cooperative patronage allocation information is generated quickly and easily as the system downloads tenant and landlord production data directly from the Scale Ticket system.

Inventory Control and Point of Sale

All inventory receiving and sales are handled on PCCA’s Inventory Control and Point of Sale program which archives all sales and an electronically signed PDF copy of each sales receipt that can be emailed to customers. It also has mobile sales functionality. The program also offers a wide range of sales and inventory control reports in an effort to provide as much information to the user as possible.

Support and Training

PCCA is dedicated to providing quality customer support, education, and services to our cooperative gins. At any time, PCCA employees are on-call to assist with any problems that may arise. Additional educational workshops provide an excellent opportunity for gin personnel to focus intensively on training while developing important networks among their peers. Held each year before cotton is harvested, the casual learning environment also allows gin personnel to meet and interact with PCCA staff, to reacquaint themselves with PCCA’s software, and to fully prepare for the upcoming ginning season.

Technology Solutions

As the cotton industry’s leading managed service provider, PCCA provides a turn-key solution for gins that allows them to concentrate on their operations. From computers to a broadband internet connection and the hardware that securely connects everything together, the technology solutions we provide offer superior reliability and flexibility.

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