More sustainable, responsible cotton farming is at the heart of what PCCA grower-owners do. Year after year, our growers look for better ways to produce cotton while conserving our natural resources and protecting the environment where they live and raise their families.

Sustainability also improves the communities where our growers live. It’s natural for cooperative growers to take ownership of their responsibilities. Doing the right thing is a strategy for long-term success.

PCCA Cotton is Sustainable

Not just in the field, not just for future generations, but also for your business. Our cotton is grown throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico by farmers who care for the land and the crops they produce. This simple fact helps ensure that when you purchase PCCA cotton, you are purchasing a sustainable product. Due to the nature of our growing region, PCCA grower-owners will have years with complex markets or extreme weather. Even so, the commitment to sustainable farming practices permits our growers to endure each season.

PCCA Cotton is Responsible

Today’s cotton farmers are raising more cotton with fewer natural resources than ever before. With sustainable farming practices in place, PCCA grower-owners work hard to leave the land better than they found it for future generations. If it were not for our growers and the land they farm, PCCA would not exist. For this simple reason, we work to responsibly care for any individual or company we do business with—ensuring that you, whether a customer or a farmer, can continue doing what you love.

Did you know?

Amount of Lint

The amount of lint provided per acre for every inch of water used with modern cotton varieties.

Amount of Seed

The amount of seed provided per acre for every inch of water used with modern cotton varieties.

Efficiency of Irrigated Water

The improvements made over the past two decades by U.S. growers.

Reduced Energy

The reduction in energy used by U.S. cotton producers since 1980 by adopting more efficient technologies and methods.

Fewer Insecticide Applications

Cotton growers in the U.S. make 50 percent fewer insecticide applications than the generation before them.

Reduction in Soil Loss

Two-thirds of U.S. cotton growers employ conservation tillage, resulting in a 68 percent reduction in soil loss on U.S. cotton acres over the past 30 years.

Some of the organizations focused on sustainability

Sustainability Through the Eyes of PCCA Grower-Owners

Tom Lahey is one of the many growers who serve as a driving force behind the up-and-coming cotton industry in Kansas. Watch as the Lahey family describes just how much the land means to their family and why they work to produce a fiber crop filled with as much love as their hearts.

Meet the Abernathy family from Altus, Oklahoma. As a generational farming family, they understand the importance of sustainable farming practices, which in turn provide you with sustainable cotton for your business.

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