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A Letter from the Chairman

This year we are celebrating 70 years of PCCA. This cooperative has had triumphant successes, industry-changing innovation, and challenging setbacks. Looking ahead, it is critical that PCCA build upon its foundation and continually adapt to meet grower and industry needs into the future.

The future of PCCA is our top priority. We have a diverse board of seasoned and young members who want PCCA to succeed and be a stronghold for grower-owners. We work daily for you at both the board and staff levels. We have improvements to make, but we will get there.

We have a capable team, and I am confident in their ability to face the future. We have talented employees with innovative ideas and solutions working with your best interest in mind each day. We have talented, invested growers determined to help ensure the cotton industry’s future. The best is yet to come for our cooperative.

PCCA is your cooperative, and you have a voice. That is the beauty of the co-op system. We want to hear from you. PCCA’s door is always open. Contact your district’s director or any PCCA staff if you have questions or want to visit with us.


Dahlen Hancock