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Co-op Gins Approaching a Century of Service

By John Johnson

A dozen co-op gins in West Texas and Oklahoma have served their grower-owners for more than 90 years. Some were founded prior to the Capper-Volstead Act that was adopted by the U.S. Congress on February 18, 1922. The Act authorized agricultural producers to form voluntary cooperative associations for the purpose of producing, handling and marketing farm products and provided them with certain exemptions from antitrust laws.

Often referred to as the second step in the cotton supply chain, these 12 co-op gins have provided economic sustainability for their grower-owners for several generations by adding value to the cotton crops they produce while preserving the legacy of family farms. They also stand as a testament to the proven, successful business model of cooperatives. Meanwhile, the gins have provided economic support for their local communities ranging from educational scholarships, support for civic organizations and local volunteer fire departments, to name a few. They also survived the Great Depression that began with the stock market crash of 1929 that lasted 10 years and the choking dust and high winds of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s.

PCCA congratulates these co-op gins for their longevity, perseverance and service to their grower-owners.

Farmers Cooperative Exchange – 1917

Burns Flat, Okla.

Manager Dustin Moore

Farmers Co-op Assn. – 1920

Eldorado, Okla.

Manager Rusty Reese

Farmers Co-op Society #1 – 1920

Chillicothe, Tex.

Manager Jimmy Barnett

Farmers Co-op Gin – Grandfield – 1923

Grandfield, Okla.

Manager Jo Ann Rollins

Farmers Co-op Gin – Carnegie – 1925

Carnegie, Okla.

Manager Jeannie Hileman

Farmers Co-op Gin – Childress – 1925

Childress, Tex.

Manager Benny Poe

Farmers Co-op Society #1- Wellington – 1927

Wellington, Tex.

Manager Kim Martindale

Lakeview Farmers Co-op – 1928

Lakeview, Tex.

Manager Dusty Byars

Tri-County Co-op – Dodson – 1928

Dodson, Tex.

Manager Jeff Camp

Midwest Farmers Inc. – 1928

Clinton, Okla.

Manager Rodney Sawatzky

Humphreys Co-op Gin – 1928

Altus, Okla.

Manager Jantz Bain

Western Planters Co-op – 1929

Lone Wolf, Okla.

Manager Kenneth Hahn