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Empowering Cotton Growers

How PCCA Innovates & Strengthens the Industry

by Kaylee Hendricks

PCCA is a marketing cooperative at its core. The cooperative’s role as a defensive marketer is crucial to every cotton grower in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. However, PCCA strengthens the entire industry by offering technology solutions to growers, gins, and warehouses. We dedicate talented teams to developing and exchanging information through system enhancements, workshops, and training. The dedication to adding value throughout the supply chain demonstrates a deep commitment to the success and profitability of our growers-owners. PCCA helps growers operate more efficiently and make informed decisions by offering value-added services, benefiting individual growers, their gins, and PCCA.

PCCA’s Gin Accounting Department helps co-op gins manage their operations and finances more effectively by providing a full-service accounting package and supporting these programs. This package includes services and support for critical programs like Module Tracking, Module Truck Tracking, Scale Tickets, and Gin Patronage. These services are essential for the efficient and effective operation of gins, ensuring accurate financial tracking, record-keeping, and patronage distribution.

The Cotton Services department at PCCA is instrumental in the cotton marketing process by processing financial transactions, contracts, and agreements and providing critical support to gins. These responsibilities include processing and distributing cotton payments, which encompass a range of activities, such as all PCCA cotton transactions, PCCA dividends, and stock retirements. Their involvement in assisting gin offices with determining Farm Service Agency eligibility and providing accurate lienholder information is essential for ensuring compliance. The Cotton Services department’s year-round support extends into the off-season when needs arise.

The Member Communications department at PCCA is critical in facilitating the communication between growers, gins, and the cooperative. Their position as a bridge is essential for maintaining effective relationships and ensuring the timely flow of information. Member Communications provides valuable insights by actively engaging with growers and gins, which are crucial for planning and decision-making. Their “boots on the ground” role throughout PCCA’s service areas highlights their dedication to staying connected to members and gins. In essence, this department is a vital link in the cooperative’s operations, contributing to transparency, collaboration, and the overall success of grower-owners.

The teamwork of Member Services at PCCA is an essential function. Having the same customer base and working closely together enables seamless and efficient operations for both gins and grower-owners. This unique collaborative approach sets PCCA apart by providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of both growers and their gins. It ensures that both parties have the tools, support, and resources necessary for success, reinforcing the commitment to our grower-owners and the cotton industry. PCCA’s South Texas Member Services team also aim to provide grower-owners in their region the same opportunities for success.

For the benefit of our grower-owners, PCCA is continually looking for novel solutions and introducing them to the market. Most of those efforts are concentrated on our marketing tools by ensuring that we have the choices available that our producers want and need when it comes time to market their crop.

“Grower-owners should know that PCCA is not just a marketing cooperative,” said Corey Smyth, Director of Cotton Services and Gin Accounting, “We are truly invested in your future and long-term profitability.”

Services Spotlight

The creation of the myPCCA app is a testament to the commitment of PCCA to innovation and providing valuable solutions to its grower-owners. In a rapidly evolving agricultural landscape,

digital tools are invaluable for helping growers make informed decisions and manage their operations effectively. Performing tasks like signing documents, accessing cotton bids, retrieving cotton statements, and obtaining tax forms, all from a mobile device provides a streamlined and accessible experience for our grower-owners. The myPCCA app is a prime example of this commitment by empowering grower-owners to stay connected and conveniently take control of marketing their crops.

When gins asked for a more efficient way to keep track of modules at harvest, PCCA stepped up to the challenge with a technology-driven solution. The capability for growers to call in modules directly from the field using PCCA’s module tracking software is a powerful tool, improving communication between growers and gins. They share GPS coordinates to pinpoint the exact location of modules and farm locations, allowing gins to locate modules and safely save valuable time and resources. Such technology-driven solutions benefit the efficiency of operations and contribute to better data management and logistics planning. It’s an excellent example of how innovation and technology can improve processes, simplify tasks within the cotton industry, and stay at the forefront of PCCA.

The annual gin workshops held by PCCA serve as an opportunity to equip gin personnel with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the cotton season efficiently. These workshops show continuous improvement and dedication to supporting grower-owners by facilitating knowledge sharing and skill development  within the cotton community.