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Letter from the President

Kevin Brinkley

Weather, trade, geopolitics, pandemics, or economic chaos — the topic doesn’t matter. The world is changing fast, and we better be ready to adapt. 

In this issue of Field & Fiber, we’ve focused on cotton farmers’ relentless efforts to remain relevant in the global textile economy. That relevance predominantly revolves around sustainability and its necessary condition, profitability. 

When this issue is published, the innovations discussed on its pages will have already advanced to subsequent versions—this is continuous improvement. It is what helps us survive in an ever-changing world. 

At PCCA, we take inspiration from innovators such as those we have featured here. Creativity in cotton marketing and its related activities presents extraordinary challenges in an increasingly risky economic environment. For example, the speed and magnitude of returns to growers are competing objectives at times. Yet, we continue to make discoveries about navigating the mandate for “good and fast” to help our growers achieve their business goals while owning their cooperative supply chain. 

The determination to persevere in the search for new ideas is critical. We must never give up pursuing breakthrough innovations in production, processing, and marketing that will improve the quality of life, especially for those that farm and steward the land. 

Innovation is in PCCA’s DNA. We celebrate successes in creating new and better ways to farm and deliver cotton. We also salute those that endure the failed experiments that come before finding a solution that works. We believe the spirit of never giving up is cause for optimism for the future.