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Letter from the President

Farming is a long-term business proposition.

Kevin Brinkley Portrait

Kevin Brinkley

Over the past few months, I have been looking for common elements or practices that create long-term value and success. Overwhelmingly, one of the most important factors is disciplined adherence to a well-designed plan. This is especially true for farmers. Ours is historically a low-margin business. Therefore, whether it’s crop-marketing or conservation, steady progress toward an end goal is critical to finishing well and leaving a legacy for those that come behind us.

To be sure, difficulties will find us through markets, weather, regulations and production problems. That’s when it’s vital that we stand together to solve problems. The member-owners of PCCA have demonstrated this concept for over 63 years. But this principle started long before PCCA was formed. It goes back generations.

This issue of Commentator has an intentional focus on individuals and families that are living examples of successfully working together and providing solid opportunities for their successors. PCCA was established by a group of individual entrepreneurs looking at the future for themselves and their heirs. They wanted to make sure that the value of the cotton they produced would receive an above average price by becoming a preferred supplier of quality cotton.

One such story involves fourth-generation farmer Powell Adams who happens to be 87 years old. His son, Richard, and grandson, Andrew, are fifth and sixth generation, respectively. The Adams are long-time members of PCCA that plan for success that is not measured merely by the possession of land or dollars but in succession and quality-of-life for their family and neighbors. Their story can be found on page 4.

PCCA continues on this mission today. This member-owned company is innovating ways to deliver comprehensive value to its farmers. An example of that is providing technology and support directly to members and their gins so that the value of ownership is a reward for doing business with
a company you own. Perhaps that philosophy is best summed up in our slogan “Grounded in Tradition, Invested in Your Future.”

Kevin Brinkley