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Letter from the President

Kevin BrinkleyOne of the overlooked strengths of PCCA is its intuitive governance. PCCA’s founders rightly recognized that the cooperative needs voices from every area served. Accordingly, the Board of Directors is comprised of 11 districts that range from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to Kansas. While farming has many common threads through those districts, there are distinct differences regarding weather, water, and competition. Every PCCA director is a producer who ensures that the needs of growers in their districts are considered when determining the company’s strategy and goals. Our directors strongly encourage you to provide input on PCCA and how the cooperative can best meet your needs.

After their first few meetings, it is typical for new directors to express that they had no idea how many issues PCCA handles for growers and gins. Through this magazine and other communication methods, PCCA is working to share the comprehensive value of its business. On the pages that follow, you will find stories describing marketing, technology, and services that benefit the entire industry. It’s the co-op way.

We remain hopeful that the weather and markets will be friendlier in 2024. Inside this issue, you will find an analysis of both. It’s important that we encourage each other during difficult seasons like the last two. If you know of someone struggling with stress, resources are available at