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PCCA Launches Member Access App

Earlier this year PCCA updated the look and feel of its Member Access Program. The goal of this was to make it easier to navigate and use. This program includes many important features that help make information and services readily available to PCCA’s grower-owners including accessing gin account information, invoice statements, the PCCA check register, patronage statements, and more. In an effort to further increase usability, the latest change came when PCCA launched its first mobile app.

PCCA’s Member Access is now available on your Apple iPhone or your Android phone. Your favorite features are now available as a true mobile app. New features include:

OFFLINE AVAILABILITY: Your app still functions when you’re in an area without cell coverage. If your gin utilizes our Module Tracking system, you can tag- in modules in areas without cell service and the data will be transmitted to the gin when coverage becomes available.

FAST ACCESS: As a native application on your smartphone. A web browser is no longer necessary.

ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Summary scale ticket and class information is readily available in the app. Additional information can be found on the web version of Member Access.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today to download the Member Access app on your mobile device. For more information or questions, please contact your PCCA Member Services representative at 806-763-8011.