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A New Mission For A Rapidly Changing Economic Environment

By John Johnson

PCCA updated its mission statement in 2016 in response to a rapidly changing economic environment and its impact on the cooperative’s grower-owners. The change was announced at PCCA’s annual meeting in September following an intensive and thorough review by the board of directors and senior management.

“PCCA is striving to be the kind of company its members will need now and in the future,” said President and CEO Kevin Brinkley. “The mission statement is critical to ensuring PCCA’s actions drive the company in the direction its membership needs.”

During 2016, half of PCCA’s grower-owners expected cotton prices to remain flat, and the vast majority of them expected input costs to continue to increase. The result is an economic squeeze and financial stress. To remain competitive in a rapidly changing global cotton market, PCCA’s grower-owners must first be profitable.

“The new mission statement requires us to consider the long-term impact on profits of every decision we make,” Brinkley said. “We consider these decisions not only for their impact on grower-owners but also the gins that are providing vital services to them.”

PCCA’s strategic plan also calls for new initiatives focused on enhancing the relationships and services provided within the cooperative system including the most innovative marketing tools for grower-owners. The latest is Marketing Text Alerts from the cooperative’s sales department.

“We will improve our outreach to the next generation of grower and gin leadership,” Brinkley explained, “to help ensure PCCA is creating value well into the future. Our vision is to be the first-choice marketer to cotton growers through our leadership and market power in the industry.”