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Pre-Harvest Marketing Options

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts can provide excellent opportunities to lock in pricing on bales. Because these contracts require the delivery of committed bales, this tool is best suited for growers with proven production history.

  • Growers can place good-till-canceled (GTC) orders to help them achieve their price target
  • LDP payments are automatically processed*

Seasonal Pool

Our seasonal pool adds value by capturing optimal pricing opportunities through the crop marketing cycle.

  • Acreage-based so there’s no weather risk
  • Focus on farming while our professional traders watch the markets
  • Full season pricing model minimizes downside price risks
  • Leverage PCCA’s global customer relationships
  • Receive full CCC loan premiums
  • Timely progress payments distributed as the pool is marketed

Grower Choice Pool

Grower Choice Pool lets you determine the price on a portion of your crop. Combined with the security of the Seasonal Pool, it allows you to identify the best market opportunities based on your preferences.

  • Choose to price up to 50% of your APH, and the balance of your bales go into the Seasonal Pool. It is well suited for growers with a consistent APH
  • Grower Choice Pool bales are marketed separately and do not impact the returns of the regular Seasonal Pool
  • Basis is set during the Sign In/Sign Out Period when the number of bales to price is chosen
  • Acreage-based contract until bales are priced. If bales are not priced, and a crop failureoccurs, provided PCCA is notified prior to the First Notice Day (FND), then there is no obligation to fulfill the contract
  • All bales must be priced prior to the FND of the contract month, or PCCA will price any remaining unpriced bales

Deferred payment arrangements can be utilized for all marketing options.

*Loan Deficiency Payment, when applicable, for eligible cotton

For more information, contact the
PCCA Sales Department at 806-763-8011.