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We are Your Support

PCCA is dedicated to providing quality customer support, education, and services to our gins. At any time, PCCA employees are on-call to assist with any problems that may arise. PCCA provides the tools and resources gins need to maximize efficiency in the office and in the gin plant.

Gin Accounting

PCCA’s Gin Accounting Department helps gins manage their operations and finances more effectively by providing a full-service accounting package and supporting these programs.

  • Scale Ticket Software
  • Module Tracking
  • Gin Patronage
  • Inventory Control and Point of Sale

Call for issues with:

  • Sage
  • Scale Tickets
  • Module Tracking
  • Seed Sales
  • Gin Point of Sale
  • Gin Patronage

Cotton Services

PCCA’s Cotton Services Department is instrumental in the cotton marketing process by processing financial transactions, contracts, and agreements and providing critical support to gins.

  • Invoicing Cotton
  • Support and Training
  • Technology Solutions

Call for issues with:

  • Marketing
  • Invoicing
  • Eligibility
  • Statements
  • PCCA Documentation
  • PCCA Patronage