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SAFEDenim LogoA quick visit to allows PCCA member/owners and stakeholders the opportunity to own denim jeans woven from the cotton they produce. Designed with PCCA members in mind, SAFEDenim jeans are available exclusively through the cooperative’s website.

Delivered straight to their door, shoppers will receive the made-to-order jeans in six to eight weeks. To satisfy the largest number of buyers, SAFEDenim jeans are offered in three washes, and a large range of sizes are available for both men and women.

Men’s Classic Fit and Men’s Relaxed Bootfit SAFEDenim jeans are made from a heavy- weight fabric dyed Texas Blue. Available in a dark, medium or light wash, the jeans can be ordered in even-numbered waist sizes from 30 to 46 inches and in even-numbered lengths from 30 to 36 inches.

Ladies’ SAFEDenim jeans are made from a light-weight stretch fabric dyed in a dark indigo and are available in a dark, medium or light wash. Women’s MidRise Bootcut jeans are available in even-numbered sizes from 0-22 while Junior’s LowRise Bootcut jeans are available in odd-numbered sizes from 1-11.

PCCA is honored to offer SAFEDenim jeans knowing they are produced through the perseverance of the American farmer. We feel sure they will be worn with pride.