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Year Round Support

by Aubry Heinrich

Farmers have plenty to do and not enough time to do it. As a result, we are constantly updating and enhancing our systems at PCCA to meet our growers’ needs throughout the year.

“For the Cotton Services Department, that means providing the best support to grower-owners and their gins,” said Kelby Hunt, Cotton Services Manager. “Whether through Gin Services, Member Access, or just any time they call in, it means getting them an answer to their questions.”

Supporting cooperative gin operations ensures that PCCA grower-owners’ capture maximum value from patronizing their co-ops. PCCA assists gins by confirming accurate production information and processing gin patronage allocations and retirements to return to their members.

“Farmers have common ownership in PCCA and their gins,” said Kaimi Whitaker, Gin Accounting Manager. “They should feel comfortable knowing that we are providing their gins with the best software solutions in the industry, helping them run smoothly, efficiently, and successfully.”

Focusing on supporting farmers from any location is an important goal of PCCA. We listen to growers and gins to make our technology better each season. Your ownership in PCCA delivers tangible benefits.

“We are here to provide the best for our grower-owners and get the most money back in their pockets at the end of every day,” Whitaker said. “PCCA strives to extract and add value to each bale of cotton and return that back to our grower-owners.”

A major benefit to co-op gins is world-class support and access to PCCA’s Gin Workshop each summer. The workshop is a two-day, high-intensity event where gins get hands-on training in the improved software. Typically, dozens of software enhancements are added before each season begins.

“We assist the gins from the time modules are called in, to retrieving bale information needed for marketing and the gins’ bookkeeping processes like tax forms for their employees and gin patrons,” Whitaker said.

Once your cotton is out of the field, accessing production or payment information is a breeze. The Member Access website and the myPCCA app provide detailed records for bookkeeping. We have you covered whether you need production information, cotton statements, a check register, or anything in between. Our system also allows users to electronically sign documents and send them directly back to PCCA, saving you time. One more pro-tip–data for your crop insurance agent is just a few clicks away.

The latest information on available services and cotton marketing can always be found on the myPCCA app, social media, Field & Fiber, Cotton Market Weekly, Gin Services, and Member Access or give us a call at (806) 763-8011.

PCCA provides a multitude of services to both grower-owners and co-op gins. Listed below are just a few ways PCCA adds value to your operation.

Grower-Owner Services:

  • Member Access
  • myPCCA App
  • PCCA Cotton Statements
  • & Payment Registers
  • PCCA Ownership
  • Statements
  • Scale Ticket & Harvesting
  • Reports
  • Individual Bale & Module
  • Information
  • Futures Prices & Marketing Alerts
  • 503 & Bale Quality
  • Insurance Reports
  • Industry News & Information
  • Tax Documents

Gin Services:

  • Scale Ticket Software
  • Module Tracking Software
  • Cotton Marketing & Invoicing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Gin Accounting
  • Inventory Control & Point
  • of Sale
  • Fuel Sale Processing
  • Gin Patronage Solutions
  • FSA Eligibility Information
  • Payee Lienholder
  • Information
  • Tax Documents