Pima cotton is world-renowned for its use in ultra-high-quality textiles and apparel. Growers in West Texas are increasing the acreage of Pima to capture the added value from this specialty fiber. PCCA’s Pima Marketing Pool provides a trusted, local solution to reach expanding global markets.

Our Pima Marketing Pool is an acreage-based agreement that automatically renews each season unless the grower-owner elects to cancel it each year during the annual Sign Out Period.

PCCA’s Board of Directors sets an initial advance payment rate at harvest and makes payments to growers as cotton is received and sold. As grower-owners of PCCA, Pima Pool members are also eligible for a year-end dividend.

Features & Benefits

  • Acreage-based contract eliminates weather-related production risks
  • Managed by a local team of professional traders and analysts, allowing you to focus on your farming operations
  • Benefits from PCCA’s global customer network
  • Timely progress payments distributed as seasonal sales advance
  • Payment deferral option available

For more information about PCCA’s Pima Marketing Pool, please contact David Canale or Andrew Sprague at 806.763.8011.