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A Letter from the President

Kevin BrinkleyKevin Brinkley

Not since I was a child has the world seemed fraught with changes and tension. Turbulent geopolitics, a volatile economy, and societal change are challenging individually. According to Wikipedia, the quote “May you live in interesting times” is an English expression said to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. The saying hits a little close to home in 2022.

What’s our response? Perhaps it’s striving to make the world a bit less interesting.

Food and fiber security are currently the focus of national security for many nations, as war and economic turmoil threaten peace and stability. The agricultural community of farmers and those that orbit them is a perplexing universe now. While leaders work out the future, our part is to improve what we can control here.

One of the topics in this issue is the demand for cotton. Since the global pandemic began in early 2020, the cotton market has been on a roller coaster ride. While consumers have shown an increased appetite for natural fiber, inflation is squeezing consumers’ ability to purchase non-essential goods—especially outside the United States. We remain optimistic about the underlying fundamentals of demand despite near-term chaos in textile and apparel markets.

We also review the effects of inflation on the farm. For example, ammonium nitrate prices are almost five times the level of January 2020. The logical side effect is reduced productivity and, eventually, higher prices. The market is looking for equilibrium.

While these difficulties are frustrating, we must focus on a brighter future. PCCA is doing just that by pushing ourselves to become more imaginative and innovative. Trying times cause us to dig deep and look for better ways. We refuse to believe that our best days are behind us.

In this issue, we discuss our efforts to change your cooperative to embrace the future profitably. PCCA is dedicated to that task.