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New Era, New Logo

By Mica Graybill

ACG Logo


ACG Logo


In 2009, PCCA’s Textile and Apparel Division entered the global fashion industry with the addition of Denimatrix. Consequently, the American Cotton Growers 34 year-old logo received a “facelift” as the cooperative entered a new era, and the denim mills; customers began expressing more interest in American-made products.

A number of these customers inquired about featuring the ACG logo on their products. This facilitated a need for PCCA to create a new logo to better represent its company and members.

According to Bryan Gregory, PCCA’s Vice President of Textile Manufacturing, ACG has used the same logo since 1975 when the denim mill in Littlefield, Texas, was established. “With customers asking to use our logo on hangtags and other various labels, it was time for ACG to have a new, updated logo,” said John Johnson, PCCA’s Director of Public and Legislative Affairs.

“We also needed a new logo with a look that conveys to the public that we are a sustainable, green company,” Gregory said. “This logo will be 100 percent ours which will allow our customers to use our name for whatever reason we can agree on.”

The new logo is indicative of companies and customers becoming more interested in products made from American-owned companies. According to Johnson, this is a positive step forward in PCCA’s future.

“My hope is that this can be looked at as a sign of changing times and our quick response,” Johnson said.

The colors of the new logo are green and blue. Green symbolizes PCCA members and the cotton they grow. Blue represents the denim created at ACG. Both colors signify PCCA’s pledge to be environmentally friendly.

“With our company expanding, we hope this is an indication that business will be increasing, and we will have a positive economic turnaround in the near future,” Johnson said.