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An Open Letter to Our Grower-Owners

When I first came to work at PCCA, I didn’t realize exactly what I was getting into when I joined the team. I knew PCCA sold cotton, but I didn’t realize how large of a player it is in the cotton industry until later. I didn’t know about the services and software that originate in this building, but more than that I also didn’t realize that the cotton industry is one big community, and that the people who do business under the PCCA bale mark are some of the best.

When you read our magazine, you’ll find a lot of information about our services and how we can help you – and it’s all true. However, if there was one thing I wanted our grower-owners and gins to know about PCCA employees, it’s that we are here for you. Every move we make is with you in the forefront of our minds.

At PCCA, we operate by core values that drive every decision. The first and arguably the most important says, “We are committed to those we serve.” PCCA employees like myself come to work each day with that in mind. We continually try to add value, provide excellent service, communicate well, and utilize our talents and abilities

for your gain. We also strive to act professionally and with integrity, be uniquely responsive, and be forward-thinking when interacting with you.

We hire the most qualified candidates for our positions, and then we give them the knowledge they need to excel for you. We work together across departments and divisions to tackle tasks promptly, no matter the challenge. We genuinely believe in our work. I’ve experienced all of these things first-hand.

PCCA is YOUR cooperative. You have a voice, and we want to serve you well. I come from farmers, so I know how challenging farming can be. At PCCA, we are rooting for you to succeed and doing our part to make a difference in your operation.

Growers are the backbone of PCCA and of the country, for that matter. You are important to us, and we value your business. We appreciate your feedback. Don’t hesitate to call us to ask questions, voice concerns, or just stop in to say hello!

Thank you for what you do for the cotton industry. We hope to make the same level of impact you do.

Here at PCCA, we are driven, and we are dedicated to working hard for our grower-owners. – Ashley Houchin, Cotton Services Manager

I am proud to work for and with cotton farmers every day because I truly believe they are the heart and staple of this community, this state, and this country. They are the ones working hard to clothe America and it really is an honor to get to work with them every day. – Taylor Norris, Member Communications Area Manager

I feel like PCCA is a business that will do whatever it takes to give back to the farmer. The farmer is the most important thing to us here, and they won’t ever be let down. Whatever needs to be done is going to be done. – Susie Cavazos, Payroll Clerk

I grew up in a farming operation. Cotton producers are hard workers. They put a lot of time, money, and effort into their whole livelihood, and I enjoy trying to do the best that we can to try to make their whole work come to fruition and be profitable for them. – Tracy Springs, Warehouse Communications Coordinator

I think growing up on a farm kind of helped me see first-hand what the farmers go through, and by working at PCCA, it makes me want to do a better job to help them with what they are doing in their livelihood. – Allen Hoelscher, Director of Member Communications

I don’t know who works harder than a farmer. I really don’t. They have this go-get-it, the sticktoittiveness that most people don’t have. Being self-employed, they really have to do it all on their own, they have to get up and go do it themselves and that’s pretty admirable. – Tammi Chock, Traffic & Invoicing Manager

PCCA will work for them and will put them above anything else that comes around in the business. They are why PCCA is here. – Edward Ursua, Desktop Systems Support Supervisor

We have an organization that offers something that other organizations don’t. Not only do we have the employees that care, that are dedicated, we also have the experience, the years of experience of dealing with this, the good years, the bad years. I think overall PCCA brings a lot to the table that could help any farmer out. – Stoney Williams, CFO & Vice President, Accounting & Finance

One of the most important lessons I learned growing up on a farm that I can apply here in my work at PCCA is when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I think that describes farmers really well, but I also believe it is true for this company because no matter if times are good or bad, we know that we have to get up, dress up and show up to work for our farmers. – Blair White, Communications Coordinator

If you call PCCA, we do our best to try to answer your question and fix your problem as fast as possible. – Kelby Hunt, Director of Administration

I like working for PCCA because everything here is done with integrity and all decisions are made with the farmers’ best interests in mind. We feel the weight of how those decisions impact their families and communities, which in turn impacts my family as well. – Kristin Killough, Executive Administrator

Coming from a farming family and knowing the struggles they go through, just to get up every day and come to work for them, the producers around here I have known most of my life, I know their families, so just doing the right thing to preserve their crop and the hard work they put into it makes it worthwhile. – Randy Squires, Director of Warehouse Administration

At PCCA we work with integrity and we work with the farmer’s best interest at heart. Everything that we do and every decision that we make is centered on helping our growers in some way. We want to help them be able to do what they do best. – Jayci Bishop, Director of Corporate Communications