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Exploring Opportunities to Grow with PCCA & Local Co-ops

by Kaylee Hendricks

PCCA and its grower-owners have a mutually beneficial relationship. The success of one directly impacts the other. When farmers thrive, so does PCCA. For this to work, it is essential for PCCA to have farmers actively involved in their trusted marketing cooperative. Opportunities for involvement are easier to find and closer than you think.

“It is not just that we want farmers to be involved at PCCA, but we need farmers to be involved at PCCA. For PCCA to be successful and sustainable, we need to stay focused on the needs of our grower-owners,” said Charley Triplett, Vice President of Member Services and Administration. “The best way to do this is to have farmers involved in our direction and goals. This starts with the delegates, then the committees and the board. Farmers are the key to our direction and success.”

Regional Involvement at PCCA

PCCA was founded by farmers, for farmers. Through the establishment of dedicated boards and committees, PCCA ensures that our grower-owners have a voice in the decision-making process of this company. Local involvement at your gin can grow into involvement with other cooperatives and cotton industry organizations. Getting involved on a local level begins by connecting with a nearby grower-owned gin. By talking to local farmers and the gin manager, you can gain insight on the success of the cooperative and learn how to join.

In addition to gaining the benefits of marketing, storage, and cottonseed processing through vertical integration with sister regional cooperatives, there are also opportunities to join the board or represent your gin at a higher level.

“The advantages of being on boards and committees is the ability to have a voice, along with the opportunity to better understand and learn about the how and why of PCCA,” said Triplett. “Communication is the key, but it must be two-way communication. We need to listen to these groups and work toward common objectives and goals that benefit all grower-owners.”

You have real ownership when you do business with PCCA. All growers are owners. By actively participating in committee discussions and decision-making, you can advocate for the interests and concerns of your fellow growers. In working collectively with grower-owners from across all service areas, PCCA can make decisions that add value to your crop. This provides you with real ownership when your voice and influence are used to shape the direction of the cooperative. PCCA is your friend in the fight. Your involvement within PCCA provides a unique opportunity to harness the power and advantages of the cooperative business model.

Here are some ways that you can make an impact at PCCA.

  • The Board of Directors at PCCA is comprised of 11 elected growers. The grower-owners of each district elect a board of directors, making sure your business is run the way you see fit. They are responsible for providing strategic guidance, overseeing company decisions, and ensuring PCCA’s long-term success.
  • The Delegate Body is comprised of one representative from each cooperative gin participating with PCCA. This group meets regularly to be updated on PCCA’s marketing efforts, finances, and other information regarding the cooperative’s business.
  • The Pool Committees in the South Texas Pool and West Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas Pool are comprised of elected representatives from each PCCA District. This group provides feedback on marketing strategies so PCCA can adapt to the needs of grower-owners.
  • The Warehouse Committee provides guidance and oversight to PCCA’s warehouse operations.

We want you to be a part of fostering a culture of collaboration and progress within the farming community. If you want to become active within PCCA, consider attending meetings we host throughout the year. For more involvement opportunities, contact your local gin.