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Bank On it: Six Key Benefits of PCCA Membership Every Agricultural Lender Should Know

By Jayci Bishop

Agricultural lenders, bankers, or accountants are integral to your farming operation. Here are six advantages your banker should know about your PCCA membership. Share this story with your financial advisor to collaborate on best utilizing PCCA’s services in your operation.

1. Reliable Payments

Our checks are always good. PCCA also works each day with our growers’ best interests in mind. We get more money to growers sooner to help their cash flow in tough years. This was evident in 2023 as we distributed our annual and mid-year stock retirements. PCCA also tries to facilitate progress payments on pool cotton as timely as possible. PCCA’s 2023-24 pools distributed 95% of total seasonal payments by January 10, 2024. We know farming is expensive, and we want you to get your income in a timely manner.

2. Added Value

PCCA handles a large portion of the U.S. crop annually. This volume allows PCCA and our grower-owners to have strength in numbers. When you band together with your fellow farmers, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. We are stronger together. Learn more about how PCCA helps every grower receive a higher price for their cotton in the story about Defensive Marketing here.

3. Long-Term Value

PCCA consistently pays dividends and retires equity to add long-term value to our growers’ operations. The strength of our balance sheet allows us to weather tough years to continue serving our grower-owners. By being a member of PCCA, you extract value from every level of the supply chain.

4. Full Suite of Marketing Choices

We want our growers to succeed. We offer a variety of marketing choices to fit every personality, risk tolerance, or operation. You have opportunities to grow with PCCA. Learn about each of our marketing services in this story.

5. Information Resource

PCCA is a resource for cotton industry and market information. Stay in the know with these resources:

Cotton Market Weekly: Newsletter detailing important information regarding the cotton market, cotton crop, or related events.

Field & Fiber: Industry magazine produced twice annually with relevant PCCA information, current events, and market-related information. Email to be added to the distribution list.

Marketing Experts: PCCA has marketing experts on staff who are willing to visit with you regarding market conditions or give you relevant information.

PCCA Meetings: Attend a PCCA meeting to learn more about current events in the cotton market, industry, or within your cooperative.

6. Easy Access to PCCA Information

No matter the time of day, PCCA grower-owners can access their account information and PCCA documents through Member Access or the myPCCA app. The convenience carries forward to your interactions with their ag lender. They don’t have to wait for the information they need from you.