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Gin Clerk Retires After 51 Years

Graham Coop Gin Clerk Bobby Josey closed the fiscal-year-end books for the fifty-first and final time on March 31, retiring from a career that spanned six decades.

“When I started work here in 1947, I never dreamed it would last 51 years,” she says with some amazement. “I really have enjoyed it, especially the bookkeeping part of the job.” Through the years, Josey witnessed many changes in cooperatives and the ginning industry.

“When TELCOT was introduced by PCCA in the mid-1970s, I really had my doubts about it,” she recalls. “But, I listened and paid careful attention, and PCCA has been so helpful through the years. Looking back, I don’t know how we got the job done without TELCOT.”

Josey worked for five managers at Graham Coop during her career. Even in recent years she continued to work 11-hour days during ginning season. Her dedication and commitment to the members of the local cooperative will not be forgotten. Congratulations and best wishes, Bobby.