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Grow with PCCA. We’re stronger together.

By Jayci Bishop

A single strand of cotton fiber cannot withstand much pressure before breaking. However, when it is spun into yarn with other strands, its strength is multiplied significantly. The same is true when you do business with cooperatives. Instead of going at it alone in your farming operation, you get the opportunity to partner with your local and regional cooperatives to increase your strength. Thanks to the cooperation of cooperatives, we are all in this industry together. We are all links in the global supply chain. PCCA feels the effects of drought or difficult years just like you do. We also celebrate the prosperous years with you. If one section of the chain is lost, it can cause instability in the entire industry.

Since its inception in 1953, PCCA has steadfastly served its grower-owners. This may look different today compared to 70 years ago, but our mission to enhance the profitability of our grower-owners and gins has remained the same. PCCA honors and recognizes our past, but our sights are set on the future: The future of your co-op, the future of your farming operation, the future of the cotton industry.

Grow with PCCA. We’re Stronger Together.

PCCA is your cooperative, and you have real ownership in it. The potential for your growth is dependent on one thing – you. How will you partner with your trusted cotton marketing cooperative to grow? From involvement opportunities, marketing choices, or support, there is no substitute for the value you receive from PCCA.

“One of the things that a defensive marketing co-op does is use leverage to create bargaining power for whatever it is trying to do,” said Kevin Brinkley, PCCA President and CEO. “In our case, we are trying to sell cotton for the most we can and return that money back to growers. So, those numbers in the area that is covered by Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico make it a very powerful business proposition to get the maximum value for a bale of cotton.”

We like to say there is no substitute for PCCA, and there is not. More than that, there is no substitute for you. If you and your farming operation do not exist, neither do we. It is why we were created – by farmers, for farmers, and why we are in it for the long haul.

“The most effective thing that a grower or gin can do to grow with PCCA is to have that same investment, that same expectation, and that same pride of ownership in a regional cooperative, as they do in their local cooperative,” Brinkley said.

What will you do to leverage the power of your cooperative to benefit your operation?