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Letter From The President

Kevin Brinkley PortraitYou have heard me say it before, but it is true more than ever— I have never been more interested in future trends than now. There’s only one problem—they are hard to accurately identify. Politically, the “unconventional” rules elections and policy. Economically, we have seen the Dow-Jones index easily go through 24,000, a level thought impossible in 2009. When it comes to cotton, each new season is filled with surprises from technologies that perform in unusual ways from a historical perspective.

When trying to prepare for the future, it’s helpful to look back at where the industry has been. In this issue, contributor Blair McCowen looks at The Evolution of PCCA: Same Values, Modern Approach (page 14). There is value in looking at how we have changed and asking ourselves “what’s next?” From my perspective, thinking about how we will deliver on our mission to future generations is a daily routine. I suspect you do the same in your farming operation.

Another topic of great interest to me in this issue is Sharing Your Story (page 5). In many ways, agriculture has not yet learned to do this effectively. In general, we are hesitant to talk about our stories—either because we don’t think anyone would be interested or we are simply hesitant to talk about ourselves out of modesty. However, either you will tell your story or someone else will. And most of the time, your story is best heard from you in a raw, authentic form. We must remind ourselves that the audience for our stories is not merely our neighbors but those non-farm connections that all of us have in family and friends that live in cities and suburbs.

As always, please keep your thoughts and ideas coming. It is the most valuable tool we have for making PCCA what our grower-owners want it to be.

Kevin Brinkley
President and Chief Executive Officer