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PCCA Offers New Marketing Text Alert Service to Members

By Jayci Cave

PCCA is a grower-owned cooperative whose mission is to ensure the long-term profitability of our grower-owners through value-added marketing programs and through services to their gins. Part of ensuring this mission is fulfilled is making sure PCCA’s grower-owners are informed about the market and other issues that impact farming operations.

Marketing Text Alerts are a new service offered by PCCA to its members. With this service you can sign up to receive cotton market updates from PCCA’s Sales Department. The information you will receive includes market highlights featuring USDA reports, economic news and other market-related information.

Chris Kramedjian, PCCA Director of Risk Management, is new to the PCCA sales team but has experience dealing with futures, options and price risk management. He said this new text alert service is a convenient way for PCCA’s grower-owners to stay up-to-date regarding the market. “Many of our members are interested in the fundamental supply and demand news that drives our market,” Kramedjian said, “and we want to keep them informed as that information becomes available.”

“Keeping up with the market is more than a full-time job,” Kramedjian said. “That’s why PCCA has a team of marketing specialists working together to monitor the market and to help producers achieve the best possible price. The text alert service will allow our grower-owners to keep up with key data without diverting time and energy away from producing cotton.” Kramedjian said he is happy to be at PCCA and have the opportunity to work for its grower-owners.

“I’m excited to be part of a team that is trying to make a real difference for our grower-owners and their gins,” Kramedjian said. “We want our grower-owners to have maximum confidence in our marketing team. Staying up-to-date on the market helps our grower-owners make the best possible decisions.”