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Member Access Updates Coming Soon

By Blair McCowen

Since its creation in 2001, Member Access has been a valuable tool for PCCA grower-owners. The program’s efficiency in disseminating timely information has withstood the test of time and constant advances in technology. Now, 16 years later, Member Access is in line to receive a new look and feel as well as new features.

“This update will give Member Access a new look and feel that is more in line with other customer service websites you might go to,” said Steven White, PCCA Director of Cotton Services and Gin Accounting.

PCCA’s Vice President of Information Systems, Joe Tubb, said the update will go live in early May and will give the system increased efficiency and a more user-friendly nature.

“This system should be easier to navigate and use,” Tubb said. “The users are going to have more ability in mobile Member Access and the chance to sign PCCA documents electronically when initiated by the gin.”

More developments on the mobile side of the Member Access site also have come into play with the revamp, including formatting the website to respond to a variety of screen sizes no matter the device on which it is viewed.

“We probably have less members logging on from a desktop and more members logging on from a tablet or mobile phone,” said Charley Triplett, PCCA Vice President of Member Services. “I think this update will benefit our growers and make the layout easier to follow.”

The new Member Access will allow our grower-owners to easily view their information any time, anywhere and is also a pilot in developing new technology for other PCCA services in the future.

“We will see much more development of true mobile apps instead of web screens that you can read on a phone or mobile device,” Tubb said.

Though the update will bring about many changes, the features Member Access provides will remain, including gin account information, invoice statements, the PCCA check register, patronage statements, and more. For any questions or concerns on this update, please contact your PCCA member services representative.