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Increased Acres in Kansas and Oklahoma Result in New Positions

By Shelby Axtell

The rapidly expanding cotton acreage in Kansas and Oklahoma has resulted in a new position at Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA). Dick Cooper, former director of Field Services, has accepted a new position as PCCA’s director of Business Development for Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. Scott Stockton was promoted to Cooper’s former position.

Dick Cooper

Dick Cooper

“Over the past few years, the Kansas and Northern Oklahoma area has become the fastest growing trade territory for PCCA and is in need of dedicated personnel and resources to develop and maintain business in that area,” Dean Church, PCCA’s vice president of Grower Services, explained. “Production in the region will reach 120,000 bales this year and is expected to top 200,000 next year.” According to Church, Cooper has been instrumental in this area’s growth and has gained the confidence of its producers.

“Fortunately for PCCA, Dick has agreed to take on the responsibility and challenge of further increasing our business volume in that area,” Church continued. Cooper is grateful to be part of the excitement and enthusiasm this new area has created at PCCA.

“There has been so much excitement up there, and they have been a bit of fresh air,” Cooper said. “It’s a lot of fun working with these farmers.”

Cooper is enthusiastic about his new position and the positive impact Kansas and Northern Oklahoma cotton will have on PCCA. Working with this developing region makes each day eventful, Cooper said.

“I’m glad that we have the right person to handle the challenges associated with establishing a new trade area,” Church said. “His impact has already been felt as we’ve moved forward in this important endeavor,” he said. “We were fortunate to have a very capable replacement for Dick. Scott Stockton was ready to take on new challenges with PCCA, and it was a great opportunity for him. Obviously, he knows our patrons and will help to ensure that their needs and concerns are met,” Church continued.

Scott Stockton

Scott Stockton

Stockton is no stranger to the Field Services department. Working as the Field Services supervisor since 1997, Stockton was promoted to director of the department on January 1, 2004.

The Lubbock Field Services department acts as the liaison between PCCA and the coop gins located from Kansas to San Angelo, Texas. “Field Services addresses needs and concerns of the gins and their producers,” Stockton said. “We do what we can to help them with issues and if we can’t help them, we direct them to who can.” The department also provides a bookkeeping service for gins.

Stockton, a Texas Tech graduate, joined PCCA’s Field Services department in 1996. He said his new position is presenting new challenges, “but just like anything, you have your good days and bad.”

As head of Field Services, Stockton oversees the department at PCCA and field offices in Altus, Okla., and Sweetwater, Texas. Stockton also travels to gins, sets up meetings and visits with gin managers and producers to maintain communication between PCCA and the local coops.

Stockton said he always has enjoyed his job and the people at PCCA, and he is looking forward to many years to come.

“Both of these employees have been very dedicated to PCCA, and I appreciate their enthusiasm for the challenges that lie ahead,” Church concluded.