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Accessing West Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas Pool Information On-line

A weekly pool status report on the West Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas (WT/OK/KS) pool, including futures market data and market commentary now is available online via PCCA’s Member Access system. The information is available in a “look only”, non-printable format for WT/OK/KS pool members and gin personnel. It can be accessed on PCCA’s web site by selecting the Members tab in the upper right of the screen to view theMember Access welcome page.

Once you are signed on to Member Access, the Latest News and Information section will appear on your screen. You may read the WT/OK/KS Pool Weekly Report and other up-to-date information by clicking on the link provided.

Registering for Member Access

If you are a new user, you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Get Started Now to register and receive instant access to your PCCA accounts.

To register for the service, you must select a username and password to use when visiting PCCA’s Member Access program. Although the username and password can be anything you desire, it is best to choose words that are simple and easy to remember. You also will be asked to set up a personal question and answer should you forget your password. The e-mail address you provide will be used to communicate any information pertaining to your online account.

The Tax ID number you use on PCCA accounts must be entered in conjunction with your username in order to gain access to your PCCA accounts. If you have multiple Tax ID numbers, an account may be created for each individual number; or if you prefer, call PCCA to link all of them into one account.

Once your registration has been sucessfully submitted, you will immediately access PCCA’s Member Access home page. As a registered member, clicking on theMember Access Secure Sign-on link allows you to enter your username and password during future visits to the site.

You may update your address by selecting Verify Address from the menu in the blue area on the left side of the screen. However, the remainder of the data visible through the Member Access program is read-only, and the information may be printed but cannot be altered.

Questions about the system may be e-mailed to PCCA staff by selecting Contact PCCA from the same list or by calling PCCA’s Grower Services department at (806) 763-8011 or toll free (800) 333-8011.