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Post-Harvest Marketing Options

PCCA Direct®

PCCA Direct provides the convenience of receiving competitive prices at your fingertips. It allows our team to reach out to you through the myPCCA app or your co-op gin with an offer to purchase your cotton.

  • Sign up to receive and accept bids anywhere on the go with your mobile device
  • Our Sales and Member Services teams can assist with any bids you request or receive
  • Consult with a member of our marketing team to develop the best approach to cashmarketing
  • Growers can accept, reject, or counteroffer with the PCCA team through the myPCCA app
  • LDP payments are automatically processed*

PCCA Direct On-Call

PCCA Direct On-Call provides growers the ability to stay long in the market without being long physical bales. Growers that believe cotton futures will increase are most likely to benefit from this tool.

  • Only physical bales are eligible (must be ginned and classed)
  • Offers growers the opportunity to set or lock in the basis level on a recap today without locking in the price
  • Charges stop accruing (warehousing, etc.)
  • Growers receive full loan value less customary charges at the time of initial invoicing, which helps meet cash flow needs
  • Growers can place a GTC order to set the final price if the market moves to the desired level

The Seam®

Marketing your cash cotton online allows you to maximize your price. The Seam provides access to virtually all cotton buyers eliminating the need for burdensome manual negotiations.

  • Online access to the largest network of global buyers and textile mills
  • Having your cotton offered continuously gives you opportunities to capture sudden rises in the market and capitalize on favorable price movements
  • PCCA’s Loan Advance Program provides upfront cash flow and allows you to trade the equity portion online in a separate transaction
  • LDP payments are automatically processed*

Deferred payment arrangements can be utilized for all marketing options.

*Loan Deficiency Payment, when applicable, for eligible cotton

For more information, contact the PCCA Sales Department at 806-763-8011.