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Getting Social

PCCA in the Social Media

By Katelyn Karney

It’s no secret that the agricultural industry is ever changing. From evolving tillage practices to improved planting dates, seed rates, and innovative GPS systems, new technology is continually propelling the industry forward. But there’s a new piece of technology some may not be too familiar with called social media. It doesn’t operate your tractors, strippers, pickers or module builders, but it can connect you with other farmers, gins and cooperatives-like PCCA, allowing you to receive the most up-to-date information.

PCCA launched a social media effort earlier this year to increase communication with members and associates. Information pertinent to members is being posted on a Facebook page along with a Twitter account. PCCA will post about upcoming deadlines, meeting dates, Delegate Body meeting updates, press releases, and important advocacy issues our members may want to be involved in. You can find us on Facebook by searching Plains Cotton Cooperative Association or on Twitter as @PlainsCotton.

“It is vitally important that we stay in communication with our members,” Vice President Administration, Human Resources, Grower Services and Gin Bookkeeping Greg Bell said. “As social media becomes commonplace in today’s society, we need to be responsive and prepared to communicate to our members in these ways. Social media provides PCCA with new avenues in providing better and quicker customer service.”

A New Audience

The agriculture industry is beginning to find its voice in a world that is constantly looking for more information when it comes to agricultural practices and 2013 was kicked off by 108.4 million viewers witnessing Dodge’s two-minute tribute to agriculture during the Super Bowl. An additional 14 million people watched the video on YouTube. There is no better time than the present to tell the story of agriculture.

As agriculturalists we have a unique perspective about a story of the trials and tribulations attributed to feeding and clothing a rapidly growing world. Social media provides us with a unique platform to become “agvocates.” Facebook claims more than 500 million users while close to 300 million people around the world have Twitter accounts, most of whom spend at least 20 minutes a day checking their profiles. In a world where land designated for agriculture is decreasing and concrete is growing in it’s place, PCCA also will occasionally use social media to highlight our members, their day-to-day activities and the salt-of-the-earth character that makes our farmers original.

So whether you’re looking for additional tips and information provided by PCCA’s Communications, Marketing, Grower Services and Gin Bookkeeping departments, or you’d like to be a part of our advocacy effort, look for us on Facebook or Twitter to find out more.