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West Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas Pool Committee Election Results

PCCA Delegates during their June caucuses elected the following members to serve on the West Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas Marketing Pool Committee for fiscal year 2004-05.

District 1
Robert Robbins
Robert Miller
David Light
District 2
Kyle Burnett
Riley True
Judson Walker
R.G. Welch
District 3
Bob Foley
Lexie Fennell
Freddie Maxwell
District 4
D.C. Cornelius
Eddie Smith
District 5
Randy Forbus
Harold Parrish
Mike Swain
Bruce Turnipseed
District 6
Craig Heinrich
Dean Vardeman
Kenneth Ehler
District 7
Lewis Chambliss
Dahlen Hancock
District 8
Rex Ford
Rodney Foster
Dennis Minzenmayer
Larry Williams
District 9
Wendell Jones
Billy Eggemeyer