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A Letter from the Chairman

One example of positive change is the work of PCCA’s Risk Management Committee. Over the past two years, the committee has recommended policies and strategies to the board to manage all the cooperative’s risks, including marketing, financial, cybersecurity, and operations. We are seeing the fruits of that labor, and I am excited about the future.

Another focus of the board is developing new marketing products. PCCA’s strategy is to provide the best overall marketing experience to a grower when and how they want to market. We want to offer a one-stop shop for cotton marketing through our seasonal pools, contracting, and cash trading products. This approach has worked well over the history of PCCA. In my opinion, PCCA has changed the marketing landscape for the better and continues to foster competition for southwest U.S. cotton.

I believe in PCCA. And we’re working to ensure that we improve every part of this business to provide a roadmap for future generations.

Sincerely yours,

Dahlen Hancock


P.S. – The team at PCCA is very accessible to all growers. If you would like to talk about areas we need to improve, please reach out to me, and it’s always helpful to know what we’re doing well, too.