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Letter from the President

Kevin Brinkley PortraitOne of the most unique aspects of a true cooperative is the transparency of its strategy and operations to its grower-owners. Ownership of PCCA means you participate in your cooperative as a patron (user) and a decision maker. Because of this unusual structure, we provide our grower-owners with as much information as possible.

We deliver this information in three primary ways:

  1. Technology: PCCA depends heavily on our connections with co-op gins and our grower-owners through web-based and mobile applications. Staff at cotton gins can locate information about your accounts in real-time. We have also extended much of this same information to your mobile devices.
  2. Direct Communication: When needed, PCCA will communicate via printed material, social media and by video. These methods serve to explain, clarify and reinforce activities of the co-op and how our grower-owners and gins can best be served by the products and services offered by PCCA.
  3. PCCA Face-to-Face: This is perhaps the most valuable of all methods. The Board of Directors, Delegate Body, Marketing Pool Committee and staff of PCCA are eager to talk about the co-op and the importance of our mission to our grower-owners. Personal visits from me or a member of our staff are encouraged to help answer questions about markets, services or other ways that we can help you succeed.

Ownership of this important information also means each member should treat it in a way they would handle it in their own business. This partnership embodies the cooperative principles and binds our grower-owners together for the good of every member. Together, we can continue to make Plains Cotton Cooperative Association a vital link in the supply and marketing chains for cotton in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico.