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Letter from the President

Kevin Brinkley Portrait

Kevin Brinkley

Much of the communication from PCCA to its members is sent over my signature. From time-to-time, a member will see my name and call me directly for help. I’m always glad to speak with a producer and learn more about them and their business. Talking with our members and cooperative gins has confirmed for me that service is still a core value of your cooperative.

Providing the highest possible level of service to our members and gins is the reason we recently created our Member Services Division. As we look to make your cooperative more efficient, it seemed logical to form a single team that meets the needs of our stakeholders. Therefore, the Gin Bookkeeping, Grower Services and Marketing Communications departments comprise the Member Services Division.

There are three objectives of this change.

First, PCCA can now strive to provide a “one-stop” solution for most member or gin related questions. Combining these three departments together will enhance their communication with each other and improve our responsiveness.

Second, this division is elevated to the senior management level of the company. We chose Charley Triplett to be the new Vice President of Member Services. Charley is able to provide dedicated, senior-level leadership that our members need. To find out more about Charley and other details about the Member Services Division, please see the accompanying sidebar.

Finally, it will enhance the value of our members’ cotton. The more efficiently we can move our members’ cotton from field-to-market, the more value it will generate for them.

In practical terms, Member Services will still perform all of the services we are known for – Gin Accounting, Cotton Services and Member Communications. We have a talented team of professionals that are striving to provide the highest possible level of service.

The economics of farming have rarely been more difficult than now. It’s our hope that we can find other ways to become more efficient to enhance returns to our members.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin Brinkley


Charley Triplett Portrait

Charley Triplett

Member Services Staff

PCCA Vice President of Member Services Charley Triplett has served in several capacities at the cooperative since 1992 and managed the Grower Services Department from 1995 until 2010 when he became Director of Marketing Communications. Triplett joined the PCCA staff after graduating from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics.

“Charley Triplett’s experience with members and gins has uniquely prepared him to lead the Member Services Division,” said PCCA President and CEO Kevin Brinkley. “He has a deep knowledge of the operations of each department and unparalleled understanding of member and gin needs. He is the right person for the job.” Following his promotion, Triplett announced additional staff changes in the new division.

Allen Hoelscher, a PCCA employee for the past 18 years, has assumed responsibility of the Member Communications Department.

“Allen has experience in all three areas encompassed by the Member Services Division,” Triplett said. “He will coordinate all of our field communications and daily interactions with our members and gins. We also will rely on his extensive knowledge of our software systems to aid in this transition.” Steven White, an 11 year employee at PCCA, will lead the Grower Services and Gin Accounting (formerly Gin Bookkeeping) Departments and will be directly involved with the daily operations of Grower Services. Corey Smyth, a PCCA employee for three years, will assume the daily operations and management of Gin Accounting.

“I am excited about these promotions and the opportunity to work with all of the staff of the Member Services Division,” Triplett said.