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Mission Valley’s “Perspective” Hits the Streets

For Spring, 2000 Fabric Trends

Spring is in the air at Mission Valley Fabrics (MVF)… spring, 2000 that is, as the newest division of Plains Cotton Cooperative Association launched its latest apparel line in December for presentation to customers around the country.

Influenced by personal views and personal style, the title for MVF’s spring, 2000 presentation is “Perspective.” Three fabric trends created by MVF design personnel are being shown to customers via printed handouts and a PowerPoint presentation that provides in-depth trend, fabric and color information.

“Our trends focus on targeting, but not defining, different consumer categories such as mature, baby boomers, echo boomers and generation X,” says Allison La Barbera, fashion merchandising coordinator at MVF’s sales headquarters in New York. “Characteristics and statistics often overlap and merge, creating a season of fabric directions relating to individuals and their lifestyles,” she adds.

“The Realist” trend focuses on the baby boomer generation and targets consumers with busy lifestyles. Concentrating on casual wear, this trend takes on a common sense approach to fashion. These no-fuss fabrics include “matter-of-fact plain weaves and sober twills,” according to La Barbera.

“The Innovator” trend is influenced by the free-spirit style of today’s youth and yarn dyes take on a whole new life in this youthful trend. “Targeted to the uprising generation of echo boomers, ages 14 to 24, these fabrics are as enthusiastic and energetic as their consumer,” La Barbera explains.

The third trend, “The Warrior,” emphasizes the importance and diversity of denim in all consumer market segments. “Combating the war on what some consumers refer to as ‘boring denim,’ we have created a battle of choices with a variety of shades and shapes,” notes La Barbera. “Value-added denim with enzyme washes, vintage looks and textured weaves all play an important role in this trend,” she adds.