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Letter from the President

At times it seems like we’re living in a science-fiction movie where we’re trying to escape from a hidden enemy – coronavirus. Unfortunately, in the words of Jason Bourne, “this is real.” The question we all deal with is how to balance medical realities with our fight to survive economically. This issue of Commentator covers… Read more »

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COVID-19 and Cotton

When you look back on 2020, what will be the first thing that comes to mind? Possibly it could be that this is the year for a presidential election, or the year that the United Kingdom left the European Union. However, it is much more likely that face masks and social distancing will be at… Read more »

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Growing and Going: PCCA’s Kansas Warehouse Expansion

  In the most recent endeavors of the PCCA Warehouse Division, a $12.5 million cotton warehouse expansion project is underway in Clearwater, Kansas. The new warehouse facility will serve the growers and co-op gins of Southern Kansas, bringing benefits such as shipping and storing efficiency and new employment opportunities to the area. The new construction… Read more »

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U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

“When I think about sustainability in terms of cotton, I think about my legacy as far as my family and the generations behind me. What am I doing to make it sustainable where they will have the same opportunities that I did?” These are the words of Dahlen Hancock discussing what sustainability means to him… Read more »

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A Career of Co-ops: Ron Harkey Retires

“Love the people, love the members, love what you are doing and take care of business.” Throughout his 45 years working in the agricultural co-op industry, Ron Harkey said these are the words he tried to live and work by, and to say they have served him well would be an understatement. After serving grower-owners… Read more »

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A Cohesive Collaboration: PCCA is More Than Marketing

In 1953, PCCA was established to help Texas High Plains cotton farmers get the most possible value from their cotton. While marketing remains at the cooperative’s core, other value-added processes have continually evolved and expanded over the past six decades of business. Around every corner, these additions and innovations have helped stabilize grower- owners’ bottom… Read more »

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